Whether your short statue is a congenital deficiency or caused by a bad diet or a lack of sports, it affects you tremendously – from workplace to marriage, from the gym to the bar. You just feel bad and don’t want to go out there. For a long time, most people have mistakenly believed that the height cannot be changed after puberty. The height has thus become a lifelong pain for many people.

Founded in 1999, this center is committed to providing a safe and affordable option for people affected by heights dysphoria. Through a carefully planned surgery and the best rehab services you can buy with money, we work with you in every step of the way, to unleash your full potential and rise to new heights in life.

Limb Lengthening Specialized

Our team consist of Limb Lengthening surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists who can work with you from A to Z.

Over 1600 orthopedics cases

Including Deformity correction, limb length discrepancy, bone reconstruction.

Over 330 cases

Cosmetic Limb Lengthening

Imported medical devices from Europe and USA only

All medical devices in our operating theaters are sources from Germany, France and the USA.

LON Introduction

Lengthening Over Nail (LON), is the combination of the use of intramedullary nail and external Ilizarov fixation. LON is a long-established and well-developed minimally technique for limb lengthening surgery, which can be traced back to the medical technology used during the World War to treat wounded soldiers. Through the placement of intramedullary nails and external fixators, limb lengthening can be achieved without causing long term damage to the periosteum and the neuromuscular blood vessels, without completely emptying the marrow cavity of the bones, and without disrupting the blood supply to the bones. Our patients can start standing with a walker as soon as 2 days post-op. Walking with a walker can begin 7 days post-op. Most of our patients can start walking independently without crutches one month after the lengthening is finished, and can gradually engage in moderate-intensity exercise (such as swimming) after getting off crutches. To minimize scarring, we use a sophisticated subcutaneous suture for all the incisions.

We at VOLLC provide an ideal limb lengthening solution for patients who have limited budget, limited time for recovery and high expectation of scar appearance.



German ZEISS “prism” advanced surgical system. Most stable monitoring quality to date.
German ZEISS “prism” advanced surgical system
German SIEMENS automatic MRI + CT nuclear magnetic resonance system
German SIEMENS “Multix Select DR” multi-section X-ray radiometer
USA General Electric “Giraffe” professional mobile X-ray radiometer. The patient can be scanned while lying on the bed without having to move around.
Japan “Platz” fully automatic hospital bed. Various adjustment angles are provided to provide the best rest for the legs and promote recovery.
Japan “Platz” fully automatic hospital bed.
British GSK, Switzerland Novartis genuine medication
富设计感的房间, 附有阳台让您晒晒太阳、感受新鲜空气
夜里饱览西贡河及都市夜景, 为延长的过程增加些许色彩
广阔的活动空间, 方便您日常康复锻炼

We stay with you throughout the complete medical examination

In addition to basic blood tests and infectious disease tests, full-length X-rays or CT scans of the patient’s lower limbs are also taken to ensure that doctors can accurately grasp the length and angle of the patient’s bones before surgery. After a detailed examination, the doctor will decide whether additional corrective surgery is required to deal with any existing orthopedics issues.


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