Post-Op accomodation

Modern style rehabilitation center, giving patients a comfortable home away from home

We have invested a lot to build the most suitable facilities for patients after surgery and purchase various types of rehabilitation equipment, medications and health care products from Europe and the United States. All of our staff have received training in professional rehabilitation, exercises and patient care. All nurses have more than ten years of experience in patient care. We are your best partners for rehabilitation.

Since May 2018, our service has been fully upgraded. Following the 24-hour caretaking, we have hired professional chefs to provide authentic delicacies for all patients. If patients want to try different flavors beyond our menu, we can provide customization services including the purchase of ingredients, free processing and cooking. Patients can create their own exclusive menu to their preferences.

We strive for excellence at all times to maximize the quality of service and satisfaction of our patients. We sincerely hope that patients will benefit more from the new arrangement.

Your room has got style.

Enjoy a full view of the Saigon River and the city at night, adding a little color to your recovery journey.

The spacious activity space comes in handy for your daily rehabilitation exercise.

The toilet floor is specially raised to give patients the greatest convenience.

A design room with a balcony where you can soak up the sun and feel the fresh air.

Philips infrared thermotherapy lamps. It helps soften stiff tissues, reducing foot drop and knee stiffness.

Warm foot bath. It can be used for physical therapy and before going to bed. It helps promote blood circulation, relaxing the nervous system and improving sleep quality and recovery.


Our menus are co-created by hospital nutritionists and our chefs to achieve the perfect balance between nutrition, taste and variety.