Dr. Dinh Van Quynh, M.D.
Orthopedics and Bone Reconstruction Expert


Dr. Dinh received strict orthopaedics medical training under the tutelage of Dr. Le Duc To, a well-known orthopedics surgeon who returned from the United States in the 1990s. After graduation, Dr. Dinh was approved to become the first doctor in Vietnamese history to perform limb lengthening surgery on foreigners. With 22 years of practice, he is proficient in all existing orthopaedic surgeries, with more than 3,000 cases diagnosed and treated. Indications include advanced Illizarov surgery (including orthopedics, LON limb lengthening surgery), limb correction, secondary surgical repair, etc.

Dr. Dinh has been a senior orthopaedic consultant at the renowned Saigon ITO Hospital in Vietnam since 1996, leading the orthopaedic department to a modern milestone. In 1999, Dr. Dinh joined us as a senior orthopedic physician and chief technical consultant, and began to frequently study and exchange abroad. He promoted the integration of Vietnamese orthopedic medical technology with international standards, and became a leader in the Vietnamese orthopedics field.

Dr. Dinh also spared no effort in nurturing younger surgeons. He has cooperated with his master, the famous orthopedic professor Dr. Le Duc To to train young orthopedic surgeons from other countries, teaching them basic and advanced Illizarov techniques and bone tumor surgery.

Past Organizations:
Saigon ITO, Ho Chi Minh
Limb Lengthening Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

Medical School
Thai Binh University of Medicine, MBBS

Fundmental Ilizarov Training
By Dr. Le Duc To from the USA at Saigon ITO, Ho Chi Minh

Advanced Ilizarov Training
By Dr. Le Duc To from the USA at Saigon ITO, Ho Chi Minh

Professional Membership
The ASEAN Orthopaedic Association